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Thread: unlock nokia 5000D-2 successfully unlocked - Cyclone box

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    Thumbs up unlock nokia 5000D-2 successfully unlocked - Cyclone box

    MCU Version V 03.50

    MCU Date 11-04-08

    Product RM-362

    Manufacturer (c) Nokia

    IMEI 3548***********

    Mastercode 646535726

    Asic 11

    HW Signature 2A973F192BB332D3

    Simlock Server SIMLOCK SERVER

    Simlock Key 2341000000000000

    Simlock Profile 800000000003000B

    Simlock Aux 000B5555

    Simlock IMEI 00553548380277070500

    Simlock Key Cnt 0

    Simlock FBUS Cnt 0

    Simlock [1*1] State: CLOSED Type: MCC-MNC Data: 23410F

    Selecting unlock method...

    Search in: C:Program FilesCyclone BoxUnlockData

    Searching for: RM-362_V 03.50.unlock_img

    Asking card to sign HW Signature...

    Signed OK (43EDF5092363BC55D055C33FED85762B9FC7848A)

    Writing patch file...

    Booting UPP...

    UPP ID: 3162 [HW_UNKNOWN]

    shadow* Type: Flash Image* Algo: DCT4* DCT4 ALGORITHM

    Flashbus Write baud set to 100Kbits

    u3_2nd.fia* Type: 2nd Boot Loader* Rev:* Algo: DCT4

    Box VPP disabled

    Internal Phone VPP Selected

    PLL Factor: 3

    FlashChip[0]: 0x0001317E @ 0x01000000* AMD* SectorSize: 128kB* Ext: 00419221

    FlashChip[1]: 0x0001317E @ 0x02000000* AMD* SectorSize: 128kB* Ext: 00419221

    Signature: AD7EB61B00FF10400000000000000000

    Flashbus Write baud set to 1.0Mbits

    Flashbus Read baud set to 51Kbits

    u3_amd.fia* Type: Algorithm* Target: FlashChip[0] 0x0001317E (256Mbits)* Rev:* Algo: DCT4 ALGORITHM

    Nominal VPP Voltage: 9V* Detected: 0.09V

    MSID-Crypted: 844C237A6E255B9D464F9B09E9

    MSID-Plain: 2C40BAE90004EFA3AA000000

    FAID-Crypted: 9294E7A907A79E50387B0C06

    Flashbus Write baud set to 6.50Mbits

    2 Region(s) to erase

    Erasing NOR Region [0x01000000-0x0101FFFF]

    Erasing NOR Region [0x01080000-0x0109FFFF]

    Erase taken 1.110s

    Writing 10 blocks...

    All blocks written OK! Time taken 4.469s

    Terminating flash session

    Box VPP disabled

    Simlock Security - NOT TAMPERED

    Saving Simlock to RM-362_35*********_7312009_40300 PM.Unlock.PM

    Writing SP...

    New SP Accepted OK!

    Phone unlocked OK!

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    Thumbs up unlock nokia 5000D-2 successfully unlocked

    thanks for good feed back next time post in sticky post for other user help



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