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    someone help me please unlock my phone Samsung Smile SGH-T359

    model:SGH T359
    network locked:tmobile USA

    i want to unlock it for my own use of simcards here in the philippines
    please help me thank you

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    use z3x box for unlock your mobile

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    i dont want to buy z3x box sir
    do you know how to unlock it by free?

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    it says $14.99 "BUY NOW"
    i will click the "Unlocking Client" in the right side ?in downloads section?with qualcomm driver?
    do i need to download the qualcomm driver too?
    i've downloaded and installed the fastGSM_client.exe
    then it comes with the pop-up window
    it says "welcome to fastgsm unlocking client please fill out login and password your phone model and then click next"

    but i dont have any account here do i need to buy for an account?
    hmmmm please help me
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