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    I hate to ask a simple question* but I am new to the smart phones and just purchased a Captivate.

    I have signed on to my wifi at home* and the phone says that wifi is on. If I connect to the internet with the "browser" icon* do I automatically go through my wifi or does the phone go to 3g by default? If so* how do I set it to go to wifi when available (an icon on my home screen or simply connect?)

    I did a search and found a thread mentioning the apps Local and Tasker* so I realize that is an option and will probably go that route when I learn how to drive this thing.

    Found another thread that directs you to the menu to check to see if the first two options are checked (they are). Below that is WPS button connection. Is that something required to use wifi?

    Thanks for the help.

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    As long as your WiFi indicator is in the top bar* youll be using your WiFi. When the icon goes away* ie: out of range* youll be using the phones network connection 3G* Edge...

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    Also look under Settings > wireless > wi-fi settings. If you see your wireless network showing connected then the phone is using wi-fi instead of the Att 3g or edge.

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    Simple answer - thanks

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