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    helo if any china mobile dead when batttery empty or other reasons * first read flash details and search in infinity suuport if you are not get correct flash file * dont worry take just similor flash file * first select erase whole flash then format .and write downloadede flash file . i success lot sets with this trick * before this trick i cant power an china mobile even correct flash file avaible*

    for example. this is original flash from dead set CKT26_06B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S01.LION6_08_26B_HL_L6 SM_102_071010_LD-TR0_OV0_SS75_CTF_BT.BIN]_20080402-124431.B0M

    i write this file using above i explain trick ZTC-A898_CKT26_06B_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S01.LION6_08_26B_ HL_L5SM_204_070918_LD-TR0_OV0_SS75_CTF_BT_16m_En_Fr_Th_Cn_Ar.B0M.

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    thanx for ur advice u will use it on one set

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    how i can erase whole it from format ffs complete???????

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    khanrizwan / how i can erase whole it from format ffs complete??????? yes erase whole flash chip

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    thanx yalamandareddy for the replytitle=smile

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    i hv nktel A200 i want to flash it because its restart with image folder in card i change thee card but same i format the phone with infinity but same now i want to flash it plz give me correct method

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    here is exaple of correct flash file select: One Method for Find Flash File in Infinity Support Site

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